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Challenge Fic - And If I'd Ever Leave You

Hi everyone. Now that the Challenge authors have been "revealed", I can post my fic here.

The Challenge was to create something around the theme "Seasons".

This idea came and got stuck in my head. It's a kind of song fic, for which I humbly apologise. I don’t write them very often (in fact, the only others I’ve ever written were directly for a song fic challenge), but the theme of this challenge and the lyrics of this song just came together in my head and wouldn’t go away. It is also kind of sappy for which I don’t apologise at all. I figure the boys have earned a few happy moments.

It's set post S5 - about 2 years down the track - and takes place at Britin

And If I'd Ever Leave You ... )

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Justin!Rage #3: Christmas Lights

The usual proviso - my stories are all for Adults Only. So if by clicking on any of the links provided you are indicating that you fall into that category.

This is the third in the Justin!Rage universe, and actually won't make a lot of sense, unless you've read the others (link below).

With thanks to [info]sandid for the pic that I "converted" into the banner (that was so the easy bit).

For those who don't know the other stories, they're here:

Justin!Rage Index.

One word of warning, however ... I don't like Mikey, never have, never will. And I wasn't not all that fond of Gus' mommies by the end of S5 - so if you like those characters, you almost certainly won't like these fics.

In this one, set a few weeks after Always Have, Always Will, Brian is looking forward to sharing Christmas with his son and his lover.

Christmas Lights )

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Justin!Rage #2: Always Have, Always Will, Part Two

Here is Part Two.

As usual, clicking the link to the stories signifies that you are legally adult in the country in which you reside.

If you haven't read part one, that is here: Always Have, Always Will - Part One

Now onto Always Have, Always Will - Part Two )

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Justin!Rage #2: Always Have, Always Will, Part One

This is a sequel to "Never Have, Never Will". When I first posted that story there were a few people who kindly said they'd like more. Well, it's a case of 'be careful what you ask for' because here it is.

This was originally intended to be a Christmas fic. But it didn't turn out that way, and it's kinda low on the warm and fuzzies. I don't think I realised till I started writing it just how angry I was, and still am, with Lindsay and Melanie - and especially Lindsay. In a way writing this was cathartic for me, but if you're an L&M fan, don't bother. In some ways, this one makes my anti-Mikey stance look as if I actually kinda like him. Seriously. I've come to the conclusion that I truly despise those women.

As usual, all fics are definitely adults only, so by clicking on the links below you are signifying that you are over the age of majority in the country in which you live and legally old enough to view work intended only for adults.

BTW, if you haven't read NHNW, this won't make any sense at all really. So it's here if you want to catch up with that first:

Never Have, Never Will, Part One
Never Have, Never Will, Part Two

Anyway, here is the new one. It starts maybe a week or so after NHNW ended.

Always Have, Always Will, Part One )

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Justin!Rage #1: Never Have, Never Will, Part Two

Here is the second part.

Oh, and if you're looking for Part One, it's here:

Never Have, Never Will - Part One

So without more ado here it is ...

Never Have, Never Will - Part Two )

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Justin! Rage #1 - Never Have, Never Will, Part One


Originally one of my regular Halloween fics. It started out as a take on an old horror tale called
"God Grant That She Lye Still", but somehow along the way it twisted as I wrote it and this is what it became. Set probably around a year after the end of S5, but in an AU where Brian and Justin didn't meet that night under the lamp post. Brian is around 35 and Justin is 23. Oh, BTW, I don't like Mikey (that's no secret), but that's not the sole reason this is the way it is ... it just struck me as a damned interesting 'what if ...'

It's posted in two parts because it's kinda long.

So here you have it:

Never Have, Never Will: Part One )

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Finally ... intro

Having finally got this account set up properly, I'll begin cross-posting my fics here.

For reasons that will become obvious (I hope) over the next couple of days, I'll be starting with the Justin!Rage fics.

For those who haven't "met" me before ... I write QAF fanfic - always with a Brian/Justin focus.

I have dabbled in the Torchwood fandom, but only to exorcise my own frustration at the way they wrote Ianto out in Children of Earth. I didn't mind them killing him off so much, but the way they did so was completely lame - especially if you compare it to the way they wrote the deaths of Owen (twice) and Toshiko. In fact, I found the whole of the plotting for that series totally inane - much like S5 QAF if you think about it.

My stance on fanfic is that in general I write what I would have liked to have seen on screen. Which means that while it's often non-canon, I do my best to keep close to the canon situations and canon characters.

Justin!Rage is something of an exception to that.

But I'll include notes on it with the relevant posts.

Wish me luck, people.

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